Whitehead Dental Gag


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Whitehead Dental Gag

With its wrap around design and intimidating double front ratchets, the Whitehead Dental Retractor (or Mouth Gag) is both an effective medical instrument and an example of iconic fetish aesthetic. Our Whitehead Gag is a lighter weight alternative to the Jennings, but features the same flared wing grips for precise control and setting of the open retractor, along with those fearsome double ratchets to the front with the characteristic ominous click as the retractor is opened ever wider. Manufactured from high grade Japanese steel with a gently polished finishFrom a range of top quality medical instruments made to our own specifications. 

Retractor width (excluding wing grips) 150mm (6in). Fully open vertical height 70mm (2.75in) approx.

  • Solid steel construction.

  • Ultra-smooth finish, no sharp edges.

  • Can be disinfected and sterilised.