Sterile Field Procedure Kit

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MedMat® Disposable Sterile Field Procedure Kit

This award-winning Sterile Field Procedure Kit provides a complete hygienic working and disposal solution for a variety of procedures. The MedMat system has an integrated two layer sterile field and waste bag, creating a clean clinical area and promoting aseptic technique. Upon completion of the procedure the MedMat folds into the sealable waste bag, which also collects and consolidates all non-sharp waste and packaging.

The kit also contains 2 pairs of nitrile gloves, 5 swabs, towel, drape, forceps and a tray with two integrated pots. 

  • MedMat dimensions 54.5 x 45cm (21.5 x 18in approx.)

  • Adhesive strips for positioning and fastening.

  • Latex free.

  • Individually sterile-packed.