Have yourself a very MedFet Christmas!

Posted by Justin on 6th Nov 2018

We deliberately haven't mentioned the C-word until now, because we hate businesses which start pushing it far too early, but with Halloween and Bonfire Night done and dusted for another year, we can't avoid it any longer...

Christmas  (and New Year) is coming!

While some may not consider medical equipment to be the most obvious choice of seasonal gift, we (naturally) beg to differ, and we know many of you kinky folks will agree. Plus, who wants to give or receive an 'obvious' gift, when you can have something original and exciting to play with instead?

And it may still seem like a long way off, but with the potential for delays and extended delivery times as postal services enter their busiest time of the year, it pays to plan ahead, especially for international customers. The last recommended posting date for some destinations is only four weeks away!

We are increasing our stock levels, particularly for popular items, so we aim to dispatch even more orders within 24-48 hours, but some may take a few days for us to put together, and special order items may have longer lead times (noted on product pages). 

So we have set some recommended last order dates for pre-Christmas delivery*:

Africa, Middle East, Asia, Central & South America      Saturday 17th November
Australia, New Zealand, Greece, TurkeyMonday 26th November
USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Czech RepublicFriday 30th November
ScandinaviaMonday 3rd December
Western EuropeThursday 6th December

* Much as we'd like to, we cannot guarantee delivery times. If you don't see your country/region specified, please contact us for further guidance.

If you're in the UK, you can be slightly more relaxed, but we would still advise placing orders by Monday 10th December.

Beyond these dates, you take your chances...we will continue to dispatch all orders as swiftly as we can, up to and including Friday 21st December. If you are in any doubt or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch before placing your order.

Lastly, keep an eye on our Social Media channels for some very special deals and offers coming this month, starting with 10% off our gift-boxed Needle Play Kits right through November...and have yourself a very MedFet Christmas time!