Autumn News Update

Autumn News Update

Posted by Justin on 26th Oct 2021

It’s been a while since we posted a news update, so here’s a round-up of all the latest news from MedFetUK.

New Logo, New Features

In September we revealed our redesigned brand logo, keeping the essential elements of the identity we’ve established over our first four years but placing the iconic green cross at the head of a new, cleaner and tighter uppercase type logo. This refreshed brand identity is a more versatile design with (we think) an even sharper and stronger visual impact, to take us into the future.

If the new logo was more exciting for us than it is for you perhaps, there was much more to come. We’ve also introduced a brand new loyalty scheme for all our customers. MedFetPlus awards cash credits for every order over £25, worth up to 7.5% of the order value and stored in your account for use against future orders. We’ve kept it simple, with no complicated points systems, expiry dates or convoluted restrictions. Our way to give something back and say thank you to the wonderful people who use our products and continue to support us in service to the worldwide MedFet community. Full details of the MedFetPlus scheme can be found here.

And that’s not all! We have always been supporters and allies of the Sex Work community. We believe sex work IS work, and we stand in solidarity against the discrimination, censorship and marginalisation experienced by sex workers of all kinds, everywhere. It’s not an exaggeration to say that MedFetUK would not be the successful business it is today without the early adoption and support given to us by Pro Dom other Sex Worker communities, and we have offered exclusive benefits for sex workers and other professional users of our products all over the world since 2018. Now we’re offering even more with the new MedFetPro - full details here.

Pandemic, Politics and Procurement

The last couple of years have presented multiple challenges both personally (for all of us) and professionally. We made our views on the UK government’s handling of the sars-Cov2 outbreak clear back in March 2020, and we’re not going to add any more except to say that we’re even less impressed now than we were then. From a business perspective, the pandemic (and those tweets) brought some new (and mostly positive) attention to MedFetUK and our products, but price volatility, disruptions to logistics and unpredictability in supply chains have been and continue to be difficult for many businesses including ours. We appreciate the patience and understanding you've shown us as we've done our best to navigate these uncharted waters.

Here in the UK we’ve also been hit with the double whammy of Brexit. With the transition period ending in January at the height of the pandemic, we were faced with hugely increased bureaucracy and costs when importing goods from the EU, where many of our manufacturers and suppliers are based. Despite preparing as best we could, we were still faced with supply interruptions and unavoidable price increases, and these issues are still ongoing, although we have worked hard to minimise the effect for our customers. Whatever your views on the politics of Brexit, it is unarguable that it has made life immeasurably harder for small businesses like MedFetUK, as it has for many others for many reasons.

But we’re still here! And we’re well aware of how fortunate we are, both as a business having the resilience to weather these storms, and personally that we have been able to stay safe and healthy when many others have lost not just livelihoods but lives. Our thoughts are with them.

Dispatch and Delivery

Through the pandemic we have been operating a revised dispatch policy, taking account of government guidance and general conditions. We are now in the process of gradually resuming a ’normal’ schedule, increasing dispatch frequency from twice to 3/4 times weekly. This means we are again able to promise dispatch of orders within 2 business days (if all items are in stock). Deliveries continue to be somewhat unpredictable, particularly for international orders, and of course depend on local situations also. However, the majority of orders are now arriving within the estimated timeframes detailed in our Shipping information. Unless we see a major winter resurgence of the virus (which at the time of writing is uncertain in the UK), we hope this will continue.

And all of the above leads us on to…

Christmas 2021

…which we refuse to talk about when we’ve not yet had Halloween!

(but we will have to start talking about soon after)