Gray's Anatomy - Softcover

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Gray's Anatomy, by Henry Gray, Drawings by H V Carter - Softcover

First published in 1858 as Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical, Henry Gray's book remains to this day the most famous medical reference textbook of all. Taking nearly two years to complete, Gray dissected countless unclaimed cadavers from London mortuaries in the course of the project. Three years later, Gray died from smallpox, but his legacy was ensured, and his great book has never been out of print since. With H V Carter's beautiful illustrations and clear, concise descriptions, Gray's Anatomy is a historical, scientific and artistic delight...and an essential part of any clinical collection. This softcover edition, slightly abridged, contains Gray's extensive sections on Osteology, the Articulations, Muscles and Fasciae, the Arteries and the Lymphatics, along with Carter's original illustrations.

  • Softcover, 384 pages.

  • Published by Arcturus, 2019.