Extra Long Spinal Needles

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Extra Long Spinal Needles

Extra-long spinal anaesthesia needles with Quincke tips (short-bevelled cut).

Stylet to assist guidance and reduce biopsy effect.

Available in four gauge/length variations, in packs of 5 or 10:

22g (Black) x 7 inch length (0.7x178mm).

22g (Black) x 5 inch length (0.7x127mm).

20g (Yellow) x 6 inch length (0.9x150mm).

18g (Pink) x 6 inch length (1.2x150mm).

  • Individually packed, sterile, single-use needles

  • Made of stainless chromium-nickel steel

  • Transparent colour-coded hub

  • Special order item: Lead time 14-28 days