Polypropylene Tray - Deep

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Deep Polypropylene Tray

Tray for instruments and consumables manufactured from high quality polypropylene. Designed for use in decontamination units, hospitals and clinics, this tray features a ribbed base and deep sides for extra versatility. Can be disinfected and sterilised, including via autoclave. Good for 1000+ reprocessing cycles (scouring and abrasives will reduce performance). 

Polypropylene is a cost-effective, strong and durable alternative to stainless steel, offering improved removal of residues as well as being 50% lighter. It is also less environmentally damaging than many other plastics due to being fully recyclable, breaking down faster and releasing fewer toxins.

  • Colour: Blue

  • Autoclavable up to 135℃

  • Size 200 x 150 x 51 mm (LxWxH)