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Fluid-proof Pillowcases

Fluid-proof, rubber feel pillowcases by Sheets Of San Francisco, in clinical white. High quality, tough and tactile...look fantastic and feel wonderful. Designed to protect your pillows while you enjoy all the rough and tumble of your bedroom fun. Get as messy as you like, and when you've finished throw them in the wash. A normal machine wash at 40°C, a warm tumble dry, and you're ready to go again! Seam free across the top surface.

Available in the following sizes: 

Standard – 70cm x 45cm

King – 45cm x 85cm

Continental Square – 65cm x 65cm

Large Square – 80cm x 80cm

2-ply engineered polyurethane fabric.

  • Fluid Proof.

  • Breathable.

  • Machine Washable.

  • Seam Free.

  • Made in UK.

Note: Some products such as coloured wax may stain. If in doubt test a small area first.

Non-stock item - usually dispatched in 3-5 days.