Coronavirus/Covid-19: A statement from MedFetUK

Coronavirus/Covid-19: A statement from MedFetUK

Posted by Justin on 5th Mar 2020

Due to the current global virus outbreak, medical supply chains from manufacturers through to distributors and ultimately retailers, are coming under increasing pressure. Up to now we have seen some shortages of infection control products, through a combination of commercial and institutional stockpiling along with some panic buying by the general public.

Now however, with the possibility that containment may not be possible, we may be moving into a new phase of dealing with a much higher and more widespread rate of infection. and while national and international healthcare organisations are prepared for such an eventuality (some more so than others), a pandemic situation will inevitably place further strain on supplies (and suppliers) of medical equipment and consumables.

We are of course no exception, since our product range consists entirely of genuine medical grade items, exactly the same as those used in hospitals and medical facilities worldwide. So what does this mean in practical terms? Well, we are aiming to be ‘business as usual’ as far as possible. However, until the threat from the Covid-19 virus recedes, we have taken a decision not to re-stock certain items once our current stocks run out.

Currently this policy applies to infection control and protective items which are already in short supply globally, such as face masks and hand sanitiser, along with items which may become more scarce as the outbreak develops, such as hygiene products, certain types of gloves and other protective wear.

We are doing this for two reasons…because it is likely some of these products will become increasingly difficult and/or expensive to obtain, but more importantly because we have no desire (unlike some) to profiteer from this situation and we do not believe it is right to hold stocks of these items for play when it is possible that ‘real’ healthcare providers may struggle to obtain the basic items needed to do their job.

As it stands only a small number of products are affected, but you may find some have maximum order quantities imposed, and some sizes/pack sizes either restricted or unavailable. If necessary this may be expanded to more products as time goes on. We will endeavour to keep our website up to date with availability, however with the situation evolving rapidly (sometimes hourly) there may be the odd occasion when this is not possible. In such cases we will of course work with you to find a solution if possible.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is we still have 250+ products available, most of them in stock and ready for immediate dispatch…and most special order or out of stock items will continue to be available (though lead times may increase by a few days due to the high volume of orders currently being processed by our suppliers). So you can continue to enjoy your MedFet fun in all kinds of ways.

And remember, these measures are temporary. Although Covid-19 is a very dangerous virus, highly infectious and with a relatively high mortality rate (compared with, for example, normal seasonal influenza), the outbreak will eventually subside or be contained. Until then, the best advice for most people is to follow good hygiene and infection control protocols…something which the worldwide MedFet community is already probably more aware of than many…and wait it out.