ElectraStim™ Wartenberg Pinwheel - Single


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Electrastim™ Wartenberg Pinwheel Single Wheel Version

The uni-polar electrified Wartenberg Pinwheel adds another dimension to this classic instrument of sensation. Using your Electrastim Stimulator with this, you can explore a spectrum of sensations...from teasing the nerve endings and heightening touch response, to a blending and merging of uniquely electric and erotic pleasure and pain. 

Uni-polar - you will need to plug the wheel into an ElectraStim stimulator to feel electrostimulation, and a second uni-polar pad or electrode to complete the circuit. As with all external electrodes, we recommend that you lubricate the wheel with conductive gel.

  • Plated brass contacts, Acrylic handle. 

  • Takes 1x 2mm pin connector.

  • 170mm in length (6.75 inches approx.), with 6mm (0.25in approx.) spikes. 

  • Non-stock item - Usually dispatched in 3-5 days.

Always remember to play below the waist and never over the chest, near the head or on your face. If you have any health conditions such as heart problems or epilepsy, use of electro stimulation products is not recommended. If you're in any doubt consult your doctor.